how to write keywords in an article ? Tips to crush your SEO rankings

With the right keyword and proper research, you can draw great traffic to your site from search engines. For this, all you have to do is to write or add keyword articles to your website. Keyword articles are articles that you write on a particular topic and then optimize for a word or phrase that visitors frequently search for.

For example, if your niche is about men clothing, you may want to target bow ties in your article or other representative men clothing. You want to optimize that article for the keyword “bow tie”. This way people searching for “bow tie” stumble upon your article.  You attract the right kind of audience and you rank higher in search engines for that topic which converts into more organic traffic.

In this post, I’ll give you a summary on how to write keyword articles to rank high in search engines. So that you can benefit the most from organic traffic.

Go for a precise keyword or keyword phrase

It all starts with the right keyword. Do some research on what keywords visitors are typing into search engines. You want to find a keyword that is relevant to your niche and that is not saturated. If there is too much competition for that keyword, you won’t rank high enough in the search engines. If there is not enough traffic for that keyword, well then it’s time wasted writing that article as no one will research or read it. Use tools like WordTracker or keyword discovery. Those instruments will help you to get more intel on that keyword. This way you won’t lose time and energy creating content for a keyword that doesn’t do well for you.

There are many tools out there to help with your keyword research. I recommend  Jaaxy as that is the one I’m using to this day.

With Jaaxy you get to see;

  • how many people that are researching that keyword
  • your competition
  • the available domain names just to name a few possibilities.

I found out that their results are the most accurate from all other tools I’ve tried out. Sign up for Jaaxy or any other keyword

research tool and pick a keyword.

I want to stress again to not go for the highly competitive keywords and phrases, instead pick one that is less searched but that may be of critical to your niche. The more targeted your phrase the better luck you will have to attract people who are very interested in what you’re talking about. This is important when starting out. You may be tempted to go directly for the big fish in keywords of your niche. The competition will be too great and search engines won’t “trust ” you, in the beginning, to rank you at the top. No matter how good your content is. Start with the smaller ones and crush them, work your way to the bigger ones as you build more authority in your niche.

Start with your Keyword, put it in the title

You’ve done your research and you found the one. What now?

Start by putting it in the title. People are googling it, they want to know that they found the right article. Make sure your title is interesting and engaging, making the reader want to stay on your website. Don’t try to work your keyword in too many times. Your title will sound odd.

To stay with our example of men clothing, a bad title for your bow ties-article would be “Bow ties reviews and bow tie recommendations – Get nice and affordable bow ties gift ideas for your man”.

There is too much of that keyword in the title and that just doesn’t sound appealing. Your article, especially the title should sound natural.

Check the density of your article

For the body of your article, you have another set of rules when writing a keyword article. In this case, you do want to mention it more than once.

Naturally, you are going to use your keyword a few times in your article. Just don’t force them in. This is also referred to as overstuffing. Your focus should be on writing an article with a flow and that provides useful information to your reader. Your website or blog might even suffer from overstuffing if your keyword density is too high.

If you want to know more about keyword density and how to avoid overstuffing and getting your website flagged, check out this article. In the article Making Money Writing Articles Online -The Importance Of The Right Keywords, I go more in-depth over how to place your keyword into your article and what is the right density for better SEO optimization. Some free tools to help you check the density of your articles are PrePostSeo or seoreviewtools. Both are free and offer much more than a Density Check. I use them daily when creating content.

What about article directories

Your article is done and ready for some traffic. You may want to try to submit it to article directories. This is an excellent way to obtain more traffic. You want to avoid creating extra competition for the keyword phrase you picked for your article though, so before submitting it, take some time to come up with a different title that doesn’t include your keyword, and maybe even rewrites some sentences within your article to do the same.

Start writing a couple of articles for different keywords and add them to your website/blog. Within a few weeks or months, you will notice free traffic from the search engine coming in. How long it takes depends on how competitive your niche is. Don’t get discouraged by the lack of traffic in the beginning. Keep learning and creating content. Make it a habit to come up with a few articles each month to steadily drive more visitors and potential customers to your website.

Guess my Keyword

This post is based on my training and experience. I’ve listed for you the most important things to keep in mind when writing about one specific keyword or keyword phrase. I also used 3 tactics I’ve just mentioned when writing this post. Can you guess which keyword I’m targeting and which tactics I’ve used when writing this post? Please feel free to share your tips, thoughts and or your experience in the comments below

2 thoughts on “how to write keywords in an article ? Tips to crush your SEO rankings

  1. Ali

    Without doubt you’re a quality writer! At the beginning I was surprised to see that how a person can talk about a topic like this in a professional tone with easy-understanding at the same time.
    I’ve read some other articles about how to use keywords in an article but I’ve found yours much better than them in providing necessary information for readers. I’m just wondering if this is what you’ve experienced in or you’ve just decided to write about it because it’s one of your interests or hobbies.
    Thanks again and wish you best success in your blogging journey.

    1. Hi Ali,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Well, I researched the topic just like you because I was interested. I wanted to know how to rank for a certain keyword and how to get indexed fast in the search engines. I gathered information and tested them all out. In those posts, you can find what works for me. Using these methods, I get my posts indexed in 1 or 2 days even though my website is fairly new. Creating my own business, sharing the knowledge I gather along the way has indeed become my hobby/ passion :D.

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