how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing?

how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing?

Pinterest has become an interesting tool for people to search for things and is not only used to plan weddings. You can easily use Pinterest to generate traffic to your affiliate offers.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog/ website, how to set up your account and the benefits of using Pinterest.

Why you should use Pinterest for affiliate marketing?


The way Pinterest is made you pin pictures. This is free advertising for your affiliate products. Not only that, when people like your pin, they’ll repin it on their boards generating you more traffic.

Pinterest has become so massive that when you rank high, with the right keywords, you can rank in Google as well. From all that traffic, a percentage will convert into sales.

When doing affiliate marketing, it would be a waste to leave this opportunity aside. Especially when starting out. With Pinterest, there are also group boards where you work together with other people from your niche.

This can be handy when you don’t have a following yet, pins you post in a group board get seen by all the members and their following. You’ll get massive free traffic if they like your post, it is also seen by people interested in your niche.

I would definitely recommend everyone starting with affiliate marketing to join some group boards on Pinterest.


How to make good pins?

The goal is to make content that will generate a lot of organic traffic. Ideally, your pin goes viral, with lots and lots of repins. Because then Pinterest will also show the pin to new users, as it considers the content to be interesting, something they would want to see as well.

This kind of content can boost your sales.


What makes a great pin?

-Long, large vertical ( 735 px * 1102px)

-Text that is clear and describes the post

– Contrasting colors to attract the attention of the readers.


I noticed that long and vertical pins tend to be more appealing thus pull more views and repins. You want to use some text over the image that describes your post. With only a picture, people tend not to open the article behind it. They want to know what it is.

For a weight loss product, I was promoting in my beginning, I tried to use some before and after pictures without text and some pictures of How to make good pins for Pinterest?the affiliate product. I discovered that even though it was a great product with awesome results, it wasn’t getting clicks on Pinterest.

People couldn’t see what the pin was all about from those pictures and what it will do for them.

It is important to tell what product it is and what benefits it will have if they buy such a product. That is a must with affiliate marketing.

With Pinterest, you tell that story with your pins. Use a beautiful image with some text and make it eye-catching to get the person to click on it or even repin it.

Shorter pins or without text don’t tend to do so well. The user won’t click through to your website/ blog. For the user, it isn’t clear enough what it is about. So the user won’t really engage with that pin.


Where can find your images?


They are many websites that provide a ton of free stock photo’s that you can use for free. I would recommend using those images, free or paid ones or just the ones you create to avoid copyright strikes. Copyright strikes can damage your profile, the traffic to your website and even cost you money. Make sure you have the right to use an image.

How to grow your Pinterest profile for Affiliate Marketing?

Start off by creating a business account. It is free and it will allow you to better manage your profile. Pinterest has an analytic tool that can be useful in affiliate marketing. You can get to know from which pins your traffic is coming from and your audience.

You can see their age, interests, and demographics, …all things you can target when doing marketing.

For your profile

Use an awesome picture, to begin with. That is important to build trust and to put a face on the brand. Use relevant keywords in on your bio and definitely verify your website/blog if you have one so that you can monitor the traffic. It gives you a better view of what is coming from Pinterest.

How about the boards?

Make at Least 10 boards with 25 pins each. Choose relevant categories on each board. That is going to help you with the rankings but also with marketing your affiliate products to users interested in your niche. Use keywords in the board’s titles to help users and Pinterest to find them. Remember that if you rank high you can end up on Google as well so pick the right keywords.

Now you can start pinning your own content a.k.a your affiliate offers in this case. Create keyword rich descriptions for your pin. You can create multiple pins to the same affiliate product. Just don’t pin them all at once.

When you repining other people content, make sure it is of quality. If the links don’t work or they are other issues it can harm your profile thus your marketing results.

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