3 must have mindsets for success in your online business


3 must have mindsets for success in your online business

With an online business, The right mindset is important to see outstanding results. No matter which strategy you choose to use when getting into making money online, you need to change your entire way of thinking.

In this post, you’ll learn the most important ones so that you can start applying them. The rest you can learn during your journey. I do recommend to keep working on reprogramming your brain for success.

My top 3 must have mindsets for online success.

You need to understand 3 concepts to succeed online.

1. The most important currencies in life
2. Understanding that money is everywhere
3. The more you learn the more you earn.

Once you understand the thinking behind them, live by them like a mantra This way you shift your mindset and approach when starting your business. With this post, you’ll have the foundation. This will speed up your learning curve and speed up earning from your business.

1 – Currencies in life are money, time and energy.

Time is the most valuable one.

Learn how to play with those 3 to buy more time. Have you ever seen the movie In Time? If so, you should definitely re-watch it with this new mindset. You may have another take of it. The movie is about a world where you can buy time and time is the only currency. You don’t age past 25 years. The wealthy obviously don’t have to work and can buy more time to live forever.

In our world, time is limited for us we do age. Doesn’t it make it that much more valuable?

Wouldn’t you love spending your time doing things you love instead then?

What if you could make money with your passion? Well, you can!

Realizing this made me shift my approach to work entirely. Why trade more hours than needed for money?

Understanding the currencies makes that you can leverage them in different ways.

You can spend your energy building systems that will generate money even when you sleep and with money you can buy more time to reinvest in what you are passionate about. Make this mind-shift now as you won’t get your wasted time back. Your online business is a great start.

Another way to leverage currencies is to keep in mind that money doesn’t have the same value all over the world. A Euro, a Pond or Dollar is worth much more in Africa or Asia. What if you could make one or all those currencies and spend them where they have more value? That is the beauty of online business. You work remotely.

You have more wealth making 1000 bucks a month than someone earning double that amount if you spend it in a country where you pay cents for your food and them paying 5 bucks for lunch.

2 – Money is everywhere

How much money you make equals to how many lives you touch.

You really can make money with your passion even if you think it’s weird or uncommon.
You can easily connect online with like-minded people. I was mind blown when I realized that every niche no matter how small can be pretty profitable. All you need to do is create good content, be authentic.

You can make money with anything. How much you’ll make depends on the value you are adding to other people’s lives. Many have become millionaires without even bringing a product, by just filling a need in people’s lives. Take for example Uber, they help people to avoid the hustle of finding a taxi, spending less money on their trips on one hand and they help people with a car on some extra cash.

With this mindset, you can put your energy in what you love, knowing that if you do it right you will see results. The goal is to create as much value as possible to a lot of people.

3 – Knowledge Is Power

The more you learn the more you earn. Invest in your education.

We know that our time is finite and that creating the most value is how you’ll make money. To create good content you need to education and knowledge. It starts with knowing what your audience needs and how you can give it to them. Learn your audience, your niche, and the competition so that you can stand out. Invest the 3 currencies in expanding your knowledge. Make time to read and do some research, spend money on pieces of training to keep on growing and put in some energy to practice. Put it into action.

You can be rich quick but it’s not easy. You have to work for it.

If you are thinking of starting an online business and you think this is for you, start today – Time wasted is really gone, there is no way of getting it back.

Those were the most important mindsets when starting an online business. You have to take those mindsets into consideration when moving forward and you’ll see that they will help you discover what is really important in your life. Those mindsets will help you when making decisions for how to run your business and with time management. Remember that time isn’t measured by how much money you have but in how much control you have over how you spend your time. This way of thinking will help you on your journey.

Time is your most valuable asset. How much is yours worth?

I made you a book list to increase your knowledge and completely shift your thinking.
All these books, especially # 1 talks about concepts you need to comprehend in order to succeed online fast as this is possible if you can deliver value to a lot of people or fill a need that a lot of people have. Start by making learning a habit. It is much more fun if it’s on something you enjoy and want to master.

The 3 must-read books for the right mindset for online business

Click on the link or on the below or on the book of your choice to get them on Amazon. They are also available in audio format so that you can listen to them while doing another task.  You know, maximizing your time :).

1) The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ. Demarco – Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime

2) The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferriss -Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

3)Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk – Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion




12 thoughts on “3 must have mindsets for success in your online business

  1. Ann

    Yes totally agree mindset is very important, and my time can be used by frittering it away or using it to better myself and hone my skills, not forgetting that leisure is important too. And it is a cliche knowledge is power but no less true, sometimes just a little knowledge is enough to propel you yo where you want to go, a phds isn’t necessarily important

    1. Hey Ann,

      I agree with you. Leisure is very important.
      That is why I think you want as much control over your time as possible so that you can spend it on what you enjoy in life.
      Leisure is important to charge up your energy as well and just to relax.

      Ph.D.’s aren’t important to me neither. Unless you enjoy that of course. Some people get excited to reach that level. I strongly believe knowledge is power though.
      But not necessarily the type of knowledge the one found in school. I mean that if you want to succeed in your niche you want to get to know your branch, as much as you can.
      It goes easy when you love the subject. I can spend hours researching making money online without getting bored.
      I also think that not everyone can learn from textbooks, find what works for you. Maybe you like Youtube videos or Audiobooks better.
      I try all kinds of methods or learning, like audiobooks when I’m doing some vacuuming or Training videos as I can easily grasp a concept when I can see it.

      You need to know something to use it, to leverage it. I wouldn’t be here if I never found out that you CAN make money online and how to do it.

  2. You are completely right, knowledge is power. There is so many opportunities out there that we just don’t see it if we don’t have the proper mindset.

    I really enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Ria,

      This is a conversation, I loved to hear your point of view.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. The concepts you mentioned really make sense. I like that you mentioned that currencies are not necessarily always “money”. For me, time is the most important. If I can’t make the most of my time, then all the money in the world would be meaningless to me. When I think about my past work life, yes I was earning a good amount, but it made me miserable…I had no time for doing the things that I love…which made me depressed. Going online and making my passion my work was the best decision I could make. Thanks for the great tips on mindset!

    1. Hi Zasibel,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I happen to share your opinion. To me, there is no greater currency than time. I rather spend it on what I love.
      What is the point of earning millions if you are depressed? Or having to wait to have fun when you are retired? There is no certainty that you’ll be that old.
      One of the books mentions being the richest person in the retirement home. This neither appealing to me. Spend your currencies wisely 😀

  4. Pentrental

    Great post! Mindsets are so important when it comes to an online business. Time and time management are of so important, and a passive incomes is definitely something worth striving for, so I really like how you referenced these aspects of online business the way you did here. It’s definitely an undertaking that you have to spend time on, but once you do the possibilities are endless. You pointed out three great mindsets in this post and I really appreciate your writing. I have bookmarked your book references and will definitely be checking them out further. I look forward to reading more of your posts, great work!

    1. Nikeze

      Thanks for your comment. In this post, I shared what I found interesting and  indispensable when starting out an (online) business. I would love to know what lessons YOU take from each book. I highly recommend them because they will change your vision of life and that for good. And in a good way of course 🙂

  5. Stella

    This is the real fact. Time is a currency and it most be valued. Most times when we are indulging in a very important things, that’s when we realise how important time is. Because, if we don’t managr the time we’ll, we’ll just realized we are unable to finish up the task we know how to do well. It is a great thing to venture into a business we know how to well. It is an amazing thing to work with out passion, with this, we’ll be able to bring out best in us. This review is very useful and serves as a revision to what I have learnt from many books. E.g_ the monk who sold is Ferrari and the likes.

    1. Nikeze

      I agree 100%.  Time is a currency and should be valued by everyone. Sadly, not that many people realize how valuable it is or how they can spend it differently to improve their lives. There is also nothing greater than spending it on your passions, whatever those are to you. 

      Because having all the time in the world and nothing good to spend it on is maybe even worse than spending it on something you hate. At least you are busy right? 

      But having the opportunity to spend it on something you actually love is just gold to me. The great thing is that this opportunity can be created in many ways depending on what your passion is. Please share your passions. I love to hear what makes you tick. 

      For me, it’s creating freedom and happiness in my life and sharing my findings with the world.  

  6. Derek Marshall

    Great article. I would slightly disagree with you – I’d say the number one currency is love, well love or fun. Both sort of come together.

    When I encourage people to start an online business by means of blogging I really do try to have them “blog their fun”.

    Some think I work at blog writing 3,000 to 5,000 words daily posting 2x. In all honesty it is super easy. All I am doing is blogging my fun. I am having fun when blogging. That love, that passion shines through and makes it like zero work at all.

    1. Hi Derek, Thanks for joining the conversation. I really loved to hear your point of view. You are right in the sense that love and fun are the most important things in life.
      I just don’t consider them as currency. You can’t exchange fun for food in most cases for example. But you can with money, energy or time.

      Love and Fun are what drives us as humans. We need it to function as much as food. That is why I recommend freeing up as much time as possible so that you can spend it on what and whom you love.
      Buy your time with another currency and spend your (new)found freedom having fun.
      I think we are on the same page but just wording things differently, what do you think?

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